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A dragon is not a slave.

my friends have always been the best of me

History is written by the s u r v i v o r s .
And I am surely that.

And I built a home,
for you,
for me.

Stop it! You’re killing me with kindness. What is this cake even for?


Orphan Black
Clones + descriptions from Tatiana and Co-Creators/Executive Producers (x,x)

Title: Of Hearts (And What to Do with Them)

Summary: This had all sounded way better in his head. And it’s not like he ever thought he was going to be a poet or anything, but he’d like to live in some sort of alternate universe where he’s a little bit more suave. Just a little bit.

Pairing: Beatrice Duke/Benedick Hobbes

AN: So, this is a collaboration between my friend (nerdsandthelike on AO3) and I because we were dying to know what happened between the jumpcuts of Words. So this is WORDS: the uncut edition. 

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