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amythegloriouspond asked stiles stilinski or scott mccall

"What if it just gets worse? What if it’s agony now and then…hell later on?"


p o n d   c h a l l e n g e { vs. penny-hartzs }
↳ round two: one color  

Vincent: Your hair is orange. // Amy: The ultimate ginge. Brighter than sunflowers.

63-64/100 caps of Hermione Granger


Harry Potter Racebend

Suraj Sharma as Harry
Jessica Sula as Hermione
Lee Ji-eun as Luna
Ok Taecyeon as Cedric

“My mother always told me that it’s the odd little things that make you different and allow you to stand out. I think it’s all based on this. Keeping this in mind really helps you to be more at ease.”

clara oswald in deep breath